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How old were you 1987?
10srmodii.JPGI was 16 years old and I had my Commodore 64 with a 1541 floppy disk and 170 kilobytes was a big storage for me, a guy used to cassette tapes to store computer data.
In real business, hard disks already carried hundreds of megabytes and were big - yes big. One of these "disks" was brought in by my esteemed collegue who got it from a bank some years ago where these platters ran for 12 years without any problems.

I took some pictures of this machine and I am pleased to show them to you.

Manufacturing date is 1987, the "mod I" had 200 Megabytes, but this is a "mod II", I think it had 300 Megabytes.

This hard disk can now be visited at the computing center of the University of Konstanz, central hall in building V, 5th floor.

002-win311boot.pngStart Photo Album (20 pictures)! Starting in 1993, a "new" product soon became a synonym for a total nightmare and the equivalent of a today's childrens' toy.

Everybody which had access to "real" computers and systems began to feel embarassed, and all parts of the body began to ache suddenly when a collegue asked for help with Windows for Workgroups...

Microsoft wanted to do a facelift to Windows 3.1 and felt the pressure of OS/2 just poking around. It had networking, something Microsoft could not offer! So Windows for Workgroups was born as a fast hack. There was Windows 3.1 for Workgroups (not sold very often) and then Windows 3.11.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 ! Ready to go! (Photoalbum, 20 images).


The system was installed with Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.1.4, Settings:
and there are already over 700 angry comments by users discussing about the reasons for this step.
Members of Heise staff wrote that the database has grown too large and indexing kills too much performance now. And they note "editorial reasons" - leaving them nebulous:

"Wir starten morgen mit dem Löschen":

The heise newsticker is famous for the "troll postings" and conspiracy theories as well as many technical debates. It is Germany's most read IT website.

[Update:] Heise said it will not delete old posting due to users' protests. They will simply mark older threads as "read-only".
The famous "Landessender Beromünster" will shut down on Dec 28th. The name of the little city "Beromünster" was known throughout Europe, as it was marked on many radio scales of the last decades. It's frequency is 531kHz (since 1978).

Beromünster started broadcasting on June 11th, 1931. After 77 years of operation, its end is near.
overlay2.jpgYesterday I saved an old S-Bus (sun) ethernet scsi combi card from the trash. It's quite special because engineers seem to have forgotton a capacitor and a logic circuit on the board, so they did extra wiring and sticking to the produced card. Funny to see. I am wondering how many of these cards were corrected this way until a new revision of the board was developed.

And yes, it is "made in U.S.A." which it proudly "says" on its back.

The SCSI controller is a NCR 53CF96-1, the ethernet controller is the AMD chip under the green wirings. The big LSI chip seems to be a microcontroller, doing some bios work for the s-bus card.

Revision seems to be "210-2013-03 REV.50". And yes, these cards were expensive...


Another era is over... Polaroid Instant Photography!

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As Heise Online states, the days of Polaroid instant photography will be over soon.

501px-Polaroid_SX-70.jpgIt's all over now, baby blue... At least in my brain. After having read that Heise article, immediately I began thinking of my childhood, where I had such a camera and I almost never had a film pack for it, they were far too expensive.

But when you had one... Those bad pictures of parents just coming out of their bedroom (the kind of psycho terror of flashing them at 6am) and this chemical smell which was in the air when you saw the picture developping itself...

And a smile comes on my face, thinking about these "new" instant photographiers, connecting their little photo printer on their camera and working with bad software and many cables...

But wait... You still have an alternative... Fuji INSTAX! Without the polaroid feeling of course....

(Image source: Wikipedia).

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