Mandelbrot set as Java Applet

As I passed my first Java course last week (everybody begins slowly...) here's my first little Java toy: An Applet which draws a mandelbrot set and let you zoom in by selecting an area to look closer at.

You'll need at least Java 5 from Sun and a Java plugin capable Browser. Beware, it has bugs and does not use seperate threads for calculation at this moment. It's a first try.

To select an area to zoom in, drag the mouse while clicking on the left mouse button. To cancel the selection, just click once without moving the mouse.

Click on "Recalculate" to compute the new image. It may take some time, especially if many members of the set (black pixels) are on the image. The maximum of iterations increases with every zoom you make.
By clicking on "Restart" you will get the initial region again. The selection is still active, so by hitting "Recalculate" you will be warped back to your last image.

The applet has many bugs so don't hit my knees if it does not work well for you...


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