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webmail-mobil-html3_html_2e45f44b.pngYes, Horde (a PHP framework supporting applications like IMP (for mail), Kronolith (for appointments), Turba (contacts / addressbook), and many more) is quite nice for an open source collaboration framework with a neat web interface - even PHP is not the show stopper here (normally it is).

So I managed to introduce Horde Services for 13,000 user accounts, do the complete LDAP backend connection and using Cyrus IMAP as mail server. The system runs on 4 nodes (2 active and 2 standby), serving approx 600-800 users concurrently (for Horde Web/IMP) and 2000 users concurrently (for IMAP4 mail).

But then there was the question for SyncML and synchronization of the turba addressbooks and the kronolith calendar dates to a mobile device... And yes, it had to work on Windows Mobile...

Solution is - of course - Funambol. They offer nice community edition clients free to use implementing SyncML on many platforms, Windows Mobile is one of them. But it is not so "standard compatible" - it was impossible to sync... Until I discovered the reason: The "configuration" tree which does not exist in Horde!

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