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Berlin Tegel Airport's Blue Terminal

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Yes, I admit it. I smiled. And I had the camera with me.

"Does everybody now must have a BSOD section on his site" was the typical reaction, stating Windows was an excellent system bringing millions of users to work together with computers and "such screens are the results of hardware failures or poor noobs".

It seems to be a driver failure. No watchdog reboot, no automatic coin shutter. This seems to be really professional rock-solid engineering.

Most of us just ignore these blue screens - more - we're used to them. For us, a text screen with a blue background is per definition a "failure", as we saw these screens many times. They have become part of our living culture. Last week I saw a local TV cable station showing a still frame stating that there was a system failure and programming would continue in some moments - it was grey text on - a blue background.

Most of us cannot distinguish between "Computer" and the operating system it runs. More, when asked about what type of system they use, don't be surprised to hear them answer "Microsoft Office". Microsoft Windows Systems are ubiquitous like toasters - which has not (yet?) a blue screen though.

The scheme breaks totally when these persons sit in front of - say - a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X. After a kernel panic (which has just the same consequence as a blue screen on windows system - it halts) I was asked "what is this?" - the screen was not blue so the person did not know what to do - he did not even read what's on screen (the text there stated that the system had to be rebooted because of a serious error which is not correctable). Ok, point taken, this person still tries to find the "X" icon on the top right edge of the windows to close them...


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