The future of IT: CLOSED.

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I just read this (in German):
(in short: For ARM devices, Microsoft insists on having UEFI secure boot for their Windows 8 system, and metro apps will only be available on the Microsoft app store with signed code).

My comment:
The game is already at its end, my opinion.

Everybody wants closed platforms, "ecosystems". Nobody wants an open platform, besides us "freaks".

Developers DO want a closed platform, as a radical DRM/Licensing will generate guaranteed revenue and they can bully the user like they want to motivate them to pay more.

Users want a closed platform because "all is so easy there" and they have been tought that closed platforms are resistant against viruses, bad guys and ... pornography.

The big manufacturers want closed platforms because they create a Lock-In: If someone bought Apps for some $100 (which they would have for free on Ubuntu and others) they won't change the platform afterwards. They will be happy to pay $10 "upgrade fees" to register their new serial numbers of their new closed device.

Guys and girls who just program for fun are out of the game. We're not interesting anymore.

IT as a simple commodity like electric current coming out of the wall socket. And time will come when a "programmer" ("software engineer") will have to have a master degree and a damage insurance covering $10 million and other "nice things" to be able to be certified for the "App stores". You'll see it!

That's the game you started with your iOS devices and now you won't be able to put back the ghost in the bottle.

So begin to count your money, every little step will cost money - just as every little minute of turning on the water boiling kettle will show up on your electrical bill. And forget the idea that "you just program some lines of code to help you with a job"...

There are however some things which could break up things:

More and more very cheap computer boards are coming out, there is this one for $15:

And this one - when available - with HDMI, USB and (for $10 additionally) Ethernet for a price of $25:

Imagine if people in all countries would use this thingies to create something completely new - unconctrollable by big corporations and governments....

And there is Google - they offer an App Store but it is NOT mandatory. And HTC has began to open their bootloader of Android devices.... Can they withstand the massive media press which tells people that "Openness" is "insecure"?

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