OpenSSL 1.0.0: New CApath hashes!

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A real case of RTFM of OpenSSL ...

After un upgrade of OpenSSL to Version 1.0.0 (from 0.9.8) the certificate authority chain of my certificate did not show up any more (was not given by the TLS server). A look in the OpenSSL manual could have helped to save 20 minutes of error searching :)


for i in *.pem; do ln -s $i `openssl x509 -noout -subject_hash -in $i`.0; done

was enough to restore the hash index links for my CA certs (the files did not have any whitespace or punctuation marks in their filename so $i was enough).

The manual states:

outputs the ``hash'' of the certificate subject name. This is used in OpenSSL to form an index to allow certificates in a directory to be lookedup by subject name.

outputs the ``hash'' of the certificate subject name using the olde ralgorithm as used by OpenSSL versions before 1.0.0.

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