login account failure: No account present for user

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doukoula console login: pascal
Password:            login account failure: No account present for user
   instance svc:/system/console-login:default exited with status 1

What's the problem?
It is the nscd, the Name Service Cache Daemon.

What did I wrong?

I set up a minimal Solaris 10 installation, set up SSH, and ntp at the end. I did some patch updates and after a reboot I could not log in.

I could not log in any more as "pascal". The error message was:

login account failure: No account present for user

And - additionally - the SMF instance "system/console-login" just quit (and was restarted).


I disabled the name service cache to be able to log in again:

svcadm disable name-service-cache

I think it has s.th. to do with ntp, as the user was added when ntp was not active so passwd/shadow and group were "wrong" seeing the time stamp (it was 13 minutes in the future), and nscd did not take the new information for his cache.

In fact, I am not using NIS, no NIS+ and no heavy DNS requests. So I won't need nscd anyway. And the speed "bump" to cache passwd/shadow/group information is really not noticeable for a dozen system users...

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