One month without Windows and without a Mac - is it possible?

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I will try it.

I'll begin on Wednesday. No more Macintosh, no more Windows - I chose Ubuntu 11.04 on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU running at 2,1 GHz. 4 GB RAM and a 500 GB Western Digital Enterprise Storage Hard Disk.

Not an expensive choice - I spent 150 Euros for the old PC, the new RAM and the new hard disk.

Will I be able to work day by day with this machine? Doing business? Watching movies? Playing games? Writing letters? Browsing the Internet? We'll see!

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Have faith! Do not hype your expectations based upon whatever level of expertise you have gained over the years with Windows or Mac. You do not have years of experience with Linux -- and so your experience will reflect that -- it is not the fault of the OS if it does not readily yield to your desires.

I have used Linux as a desktop for over ten years and I can do all the things you listed for over ten years -- it is a matter of gained expertise.

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