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Android in Douala...

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My android phone justs feels lucky in Cameroon - at least in Douala. Without GPS it found the name of the city, an open Wifi and the position on the map.

In case you're interested in Sun/Oracle Openstorage, Fiberchannel Enterprise technologies or just want to drink a glass of fine beer - drop a note.

May 19th I am at Frankfurt Int'l Airport (Sheraton Airport Hotel) and from May 20th to 30th I will be staying in Cameroon meeting friends.

For Cameroon I am interested in internet connections. Last time I set up Orange Wimax connections and I am particularly interested in Camtel and MTN's offerings.

You may contact me at +49 171 6522660.


Screenshots on Android phones

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lock.png Just a side note: To make screenshots of your (unrooted) android phone you need to install the Android SDK.

The SDK is downloadable free of charge here:

Make sur under "Preferences" -> "Applications" you enable the USB debug feature. Connect the phone to your computer (USB).

Under the tools/ subdirectory there is an application named


Launch it and select

Device -> Screen shot

You'll be presented a screenshot window. Click on "Refresh" to refresh it and "Save" to save it to a PNG file.

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