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Happy new year 2010!

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To all my dear readers:

I hope you will pass well to the new year 2010 and that your expectations, projects and lucky feelings will succeed in the new year!

Yours, Pascal

Merry christmas!

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In Germany, we begin to celebrate Christmas at the evening of Dec 24th, as opposed to many other countries (celebrating Christmas due to Christianity).

On 24th, children get their presents which are put under a christmas tree, which is decorated with glass balls and (mostly electric) candles.

Dec 25th and 26th are national holidays.

Windows dynamic disks and Sun xVM

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The dynamic disk feature of Windows Server is quite efficient when it comes to work into a Sun xVM environment. The 30 GB disk "Disk 0" is handled by the OpenSolaris Dom-0 as a ZFS block volume:

dladm: VLANs with OpenSolaris (and Sun xVM)

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"dladm" also allows to define VLAN trunking and VLAN usage with OpenSolaris.

You may assign specific VLANs to xVM virtual domains/machines (DomU) as well as use them in Dom0 or in your bare OpenSolaris using zones or not.

The physical interface (e1000g0) will act as the native vlan interface in this example, producing packets without a 802.1q vlan tag.

Defining VLANs with dladm is simple:

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What's that? From time to time I see this referrer in my log statistics. Which application is causing this? I found nothing on the net to solve this puzzle.

dladm: Virtual networks with Sun xVM

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dladmetherstubbridge.pngSolaris has a nifty utility named "dladm" which creates "dynamic" links.

It can be used to:

  • work with virtual network interfaces
  • work with wireless interfaces (WiFi)
  • work with virtual switches (named etherstubs and bridges)

For our Xen-based xVM environment, a virtual switch to connect DomU's to an internal network is a common configuration. This virtual switch may even have an interface to the Dom0 system - the path to the outside world.

Sun MPxIO: multipathed network connections

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ipmp.pngIn many of the entries this blog contains the topic lied on MPxIO configuration for fiberchannel storage links: (for Solaris 10) or (for OpenSolaris)

Now let's have a look into Solaris IP networking redundancy.

141445-09/141444-09 Solaris 10: zfs version 15, ::memstat

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Just a note: Sun kernel patch 141445-09 (i86/amd64) and 141444-09 (SPARC) introduces zfs version 15 (zpool upgrade!), and the ::memstat-macro behaviour matches OpenSolaris:

Loading modules: [ unix krtld genunix specfs dtrace cpu.generic cpu_ms.AuthenticAMD.15 uppc pcplusmp ufs mpt ip hook neti sctp arp usba fcp fctl qlc lofs fcip cpc random crypto zfs logindmux ptm nfs ]
> ::memstat
Page Summary                Pages                MB  %Tot
------------     ----------------  ----------------  ----
Kernel                    2082351              8134   25%
ZFS File Data             3616346             14126   43%
Anon                      1125938              4398   13%
Exec and libs               11206                43    0%
Page cache                 961960              3757   11%
Free (cachelist)           286172              1117    3%
Free (freelist)            302471              1181    4%

Total                     8386444             32759
Physical                  8177548             31943

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