Sun xVM 3.4.2 available, dom0_min_mem

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win2008r2sysinfo.pngThe xvm-3.4-source tree has obviously reached 3.4.2, as there is no more "pre", "rc..." or other suffixes in the version number.

After a svcadm enable milestone/xvm (and a reboot if you don't already booted the Xen Hypervisor) all daemons are coming up, it seems to work.

Windows 2008 R2 in a HVM identifies the BIOS as "3.4.2-xvm" (click on the picture on the right to enlarge it).
If you fall across this error message:

pascal@denver:~# virsh start sles11_pv
error: Failed to start domain sles11_pv
error: POST operation failed: xend_post: error from xen daemon:
(xend.err 'I need 1052672 KiB, but dom0_min_mem is 8156160
and shrinking to 8156160 KiB would leave only 129780 KiB free.')

Then you have to adjust xend's "dom0_min_men" value, this is done via svccfg, here an example to set the minimum memory size for Domain 0 to 2048 megabytes:

pascal@denver:~# svccfg
svc:> select xvm/xend
svc:/system/xvm/xend> setprop config/dom0-min-mem=2048
svc:/system/xvm/xend> exit
pascal@denver:~# svcadm restart xvm/xend
The result of the Mercurial source tree snapshot from from Nov 30, 2009 built as non-debug packages - can be found here:

Be sure to remove the OpenSolaris packages with the same name before.  :)

Take this "AS-IS" without any warranty of any kind. I am not endorsed to Sun nor I take any responsibility for these packages. I used the OpenSolaris xvm-3.4 gate from Nov 30, 2009. Xen version is 3.4.2.

It works well with snv_128(a).

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how to install xen on my opensolaris sparc minimal live cd installation?

# pfexec pkg install SUNWxvm
Completed 5/5 792/792 11.1/11.1

Install Phase 1073/1073
Deleting content cache

# pkg install xvm-gui
Install Phase 9/9
Deleting content cache

# svcs -a | grep xvm
disabled 2:36:39 svc:/system/xvm/console:default
disabled 2:36:39 svc:/system/xvm/store:default
disabled 2:36:40 svc:/system/xvm/xend:default
disabled 2:36:40 svc:/system/xvm/domains:default

How to enable system to boot from it ?
My machine is a Sunfire V210:
root@greengoblin:~# uname -a
SunOS greengoblin 5.11 snv_129 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V210


First: On SPARC only paravirtual DomU's are supported as there's no hardware virtualization in SPARC.

Second: You can only use OpenSolaris SPARC as DomU at the moment. Consider using zones instead (IMHO).

To start Sun xVM on SPARC:
Just type

svcadm enable milestone/xvm

and reboot (or pfexec svcadm enable milestone/xvm if you're not root at this moment).

root@greengoblin:/# pfexec svcadm enable milestone/xvm
svcadm: Pattern 'milestone/xvm' doesn't match any instances

pkg install SUNWxvmdom


I don't know whether xvm for SPARC is already usable, as I don't have any SPARC running OpenSolaris or xVM.

For virtualization on SPARC I am using zones as (for me) the only interesting operating system to run on SPARC hardware is (Open)Solaris.

# pkg install SUNWxvmdom
Creating Plan /Planning for install failed:
Use -v option for more details

pkg: No matching version of SUNWxvmdom can be installed:
Newer version pkg://,5.11-0.129:20091205T133042Z is already installed

Newer version pkg://,5.11-0.129:20091205T133042Z is already installed
Package doesn't support image variant variant.arch

"Package doesn't support image variant variant.arch"

You're sure that you installed SPARC packages?
SPARC architecture is not compatible with x86/64 nor it is intended to run x86 code...

Try a

svcadm enable xvm/xend

and do a

svcs -xv

afterwards. There will be a path to a logfile containing startup information for that service.

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