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Important update to my ldap auxprop demo plugin

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Due to a variable scope bug Cyrus timsieved() can crash. The issue is resolved in version 1.2.2.

In case you are using this plugin, please update your installation. The source package can be found here:


The md5 checksum is 636e8261198ea69372058e858fc496e9.

You will need Cyrus SASL 2.1.23 to compile it! Please update from 2.1.22 to 2.1.23!

MySQL 32bit vs 64bit on Solaris 10 w. gcc 4.1.2

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Here are some numbers I got from running mysqlbench on our own-compiled versions of MySQL 5.0.51b which is used internally here.

We are using gcc 4.1.2 for our Solaris x86 machines. For the tests, the following compilation options have been used:

{isam,inno}32: -m32
{isam,inno}32k8: -m32 -march=k8 -O3
{isam,inno}64: -m64
{isam,inno}64k8: -m64 -march=k8 -O3

mysqlbench was used, consisting of nine tests: connect, create, alter table, big-tables, ATIS, insert, select, transactions and wisconsin.

K8-Optimization was used because we are using Sun X4200 servers here with AMD Opteron dual core processors.

Please note that for the unoptimized 64 InnoDB benchmark, only 3 values have been taken, for all other measurements, 4 values have been taken.

22 GB Kernel on Solaris 10...

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Is perfectly possible:

# echo '::memstat' | mdb -k
Page Summary                Pages                MB  %Tot
------------     ----------------  ----------------  ----
Kernel                    5740879             22425   68%
Anon                       724870              2831    9%
Exec and libs                6752                26    0%
Page cache                 331489              1294    4%
Free (cachelist)           941079              3676   11%
Free (freelist)            641375              2505    8%

Total                     8386444             32759
Physical                  8177548             31943

After substracting 16 GB of used ARC (zfs cache), still 6 GB are remaining for the kernel. 1500 threads/processes are running, it is a heavily used cyrus imap mail server.

PS: In Solaris 11 (OpenSolaris), the ::memstat-Makro does put zfs cache size apart:

Page Summary                Pages                MB  %Tot
------------     ----------------  ----------------  ----
Kernel                     156800               612   15%
ZFS File Data              508041              1984   50%
Anon                       136957               534   14%
Exec and libs                2832                11    0%
Page cache                  15002                58    1%
Free (cachelist)            47368               185    5%
Free (freelist)            146333               571   14%

Total                     1013333              3958
Physical                  1013332              3958

This is my desktop computer at work.

68805474d63b8d1c3f.jpgThe local TV network "rhein main tv" is offering a special programming for every airport enthusiast:

"Rund um den Airport" (Airport TV).

Frankfurt is our biggest and busiest airport. It is the third airport in Europe in terms of passengers transferred.

If you can understand the german language and you're interested in airports, this is for you!

Some highlights (just click to watch the videos):

The whole list of available videos can be obtained here:

webmail-mobil-html3_html_2e45f44b.pngYes, Horde (a PHP framework supporting applications like IMP (for mail), Kronolith (for appointments), Turba (contacts / addressbook), and many more) is quite nice for an open source collaboration framework with a neat web interface - even PHP is not the show stopper here (normally it is).

So I managed to introduce Horde Services for 13,000 user accounts, do the complete LDAP backend connection and using Cyrus IMAP as mail server. The system runs on 4 nodes (2 active and 2 standby), serving approx 600-800 users concurrently (for Horde Web/IMP) and 2000 users concurrently (for IMAP4 mail).

But then there was the question for SyncML and synchronization of the turba addressbooks and the kronolith calendar dates to a mobile device... And yes, it had to work on Windows Mobile...

Solution is - of course - Funambol. They offer nice community edition clients free to use implementing SyncML on many platforms, Windows Mobile is one of them. But it is not so "standard compatible" - it was impossible to sync... Until I discovered the reason: The "configuration" tree which does not exist in Horde!

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