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Doing a zpool scrub ... new zfs movie

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I just finished a new movie, 60 MB in length. It's in ISO MPEG4 format and can be

downloaded here (scrub2m.mp4).

You'll see four blocks.
Upper left and upper right is mirror set one, lower left and lower right is mirror set two. The two mirrors build up the zpool.

At approximately 21:00 (9 p.m.) our backup server calls daily for the new backup, making a zfs snapshot before. At 09:20 on Apr 3 the scrub begins. At 21:00 it rebegins due to the backup snapshot (resilvering and scrubbing do rebegin after doing or erasing a snapshot!).

The file was made - as all mp4 files before - by ffmpeg.

ffmpeg can convert single gif images to a movie sequence. You have to use 'frame.%d.gif' as input filename if your gif frames are named "frame.1.gif", "frame.2.gif", ...

I've added a smaller video showing only two mirrored disks on my

YouTube Playlist.

New ZFS movie data collection started...

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It will fetch data from the next seven days doing a scrub on the disks, 8 TB in sum.

Stay tuned...
002-win311boot.pngStart Photo Album (20 pictures)! Starting in 1993, a "new" product soon became a synonym for a total nightmare and the equivalent of a today's childrens' toy.

Everybody which had access to "real" computers and systems began to feel embarassed, and all parts of the body began to ache suddenly when a collegue asked for help with Windows for Workgroups...

Microsoft wanted to do a facelift to Windows 3.1 and felt the pressure of OS/2 just poking around. It had networking, something Microsoft could not offer! So Windows for Workgroups was born as a fast hack. There was Windows 3.1 for Workgroups (not sold very often) and then Windows 3.11.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 ! Ready to go! (Photoalbum, 20 images).


The system was installed with Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.1.4, Settings:
At this moment, Prof. Dr. Michelev from Moscow Mathematics Institute presents his paper presenting a solution for the classical asymmetric RSA problem. By using hyperbolic geometrical projections in a hilbert space he tracked down the problem in the case of 2048 bit RSA to 4096 tries to compute to get the key. He put the program to download on his server as open source, but the server was "knocked out" by high demand in 20 minutes.

Financial institutions are out of hell today, says APR analyst A. Prilstone. Bank shares are falling to nowhere, and the NYSE and NASDAQ will stop trading in the hours to come.

"Isn't your work an extreme danger for our lives and our security" Mr Michelev was asked. He replied "in the ourdays economic crisis this is also the begin to rebuild a better system: a better cryptographic system, a better financial system, a better world system. I'll spend the next days and months with my wife and my children watching things changing.".

RSA cryptography is used throughout the world to secure communication on the internet and other networks. RSA is the algorithm used to be able to "check each other" and to create a common symmetric key to secure the transaction/communication. This symmetric keys have not been cracked, defacto standard of today is AES. If RSA is used to share such a symmetric key, then the key is known and useless.

Experts urge users not to use any credit card or bank transactions via the Internet on these days, even if the browser marks the site as "secure".

Major banks in the USA have called government for strict regulation of cryptography and for laws to prevent chaos in the financial market.

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