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Mandelbrot as Java Applet

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As I passed my first Java course last week (everybody begins slowly...) here's my first little Java toy: An Applet which draws a mandelbrot set and let you zoom in by selecting an area to look closer at.

You'll need at least Java 5 from Sun and a Java plugin capable Browser. Beware, it has bugs and does not use seperate threads for calculation at this moment. It's a first try.


As I have some days off, I have time to play with rather historic things - thanks to Sun's VirtualBox application. In the last days I created a little Microsoft OS zoo on my Notebook:
  • a small Linux machine acting as a router between real network and a virtual one
  • a windows for workgroups 3.11 box including network, sound and internet explorer 3 (!) (9 diskettes)
  • a windows 95a box including 16,7 million colour graphics and Firefox (!) (15 diskettes)
  • a windows 98 box including 16,7 million colour graphics (a CD)
  • a windows NT 3.51 box (a CD)
  • an OpenSolaris 2008.11 box to test Samba interaction :)
Thank god I found all these setup diskettes in my university here... Making disk images was not so funny though, diskettes are not really long term storage...

As a side effect, I have got Firefox working on Windows 95, even if the installer does not like it.

Amarok 1.4.10 on OpenSolaris

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I admit. I like Amarok 1.4. And I don't like Amarok 2 yet. And I hate GNOME and its Rhythmbox. And - finally - I appreciate Open Solaris.

screenshot-amarok.pngSo this weekend I had that idea "What if I had an Amarok 1.4 on my Solaris box..."... At the beginning it was a nice idea but at the end I learned how deep dependencies between libraries are. At short - Amarok 1.4 needs KDE 3.5. KDE (at least the kdelibs) need many other libraries and packages. So at the end, I installed over 300 Megabytes to have my favorite music player. Really. As a side effect, I have many KDE 3.5.10 applications too, as konsole (I prefer it over gnome's terminal), kate and Konqueror.

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