ZFS as a movie actor!

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Two mirrored volumes concatenated to give a 8TB storage pool. I logged 18 hours of block read/write activity and made a MPEG4-Movie out of it.

Green pixels summarize sector reads, red pixels sector writes. Each pixel represent the same number of consecutive storage blocks. The pixels are doubled in height because of the 4:2:0 color coding of MPEG4. Otherwise, a red pixel adjacent to a green one could not have been possible, as two lines are coded together with regard to color. It is a TV format, after all..

bg.gifAt half past eight, a backup job started, scanning many files. After 4 o'clock an expire run is started. And at 5 o'clock it is really "night" with user activity rebeginning at 6:30.

I used 640x480 pixel frames with 30 frames per second. Should be possible to watch on a NTSC TV :-)  Enjoy!

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